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IRC Service

IRC Service


Unionlab IRC has more than 60 imaging experts’ resources, including more than 50 professors, associate professors, directors and associate chief physicians, they all come from tertiary hospitals, and covering imaging, nuclear medicine, clinical and other professional fields. Unionlab has implemented the high-quality guidelines of FDA and CDE, and independently developed an intelligent triparties independent imaging evaluation system which called U-ORBIT. U-ORBIT complies with multiple evaluation standards, such as Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST1.0, 1.1) and Response Evaluation Criteria in lymphoma (Lugano 2014).

Efficiently carry out standardized image data collection and transmission, subject information anonymization, image data quality control, server localization and 2+1 blind judgment reading, ensure the objectivity of data then accelerate the process of clinical research.

Sophisticated reading quality assurance strategy:
1111.png  Carefully selected reading experts: GCP qualification preferred, project field and match tumor type.
1111.png  Normative training: use of system training, evaluation standard training and project training.
1111.png  Simulated reading: reading experts must complete the customized training test

Our service:

111.png   Image charter writing

111.png   Screening of independent reading expert

111.png   Customized training for reading expert

111.png   Project management

111.png   Quality monitoring and deviation analysis of expert reading

111.png   Image data quality control

111.png   Data management

111.png   U-ORBIT system usage