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Unionlab Holding company subsidiary Yaoyan Intelligent is a digital and embedded SMO. Yaoyan Intelligent independently developed polycentric collaborative intelligence clinical research system(eDISC), and improved the efficiency of the clinical research center through artificial intelligence, big data and cloud technique. It works to achieve a precise recruitment of subjects, automatic collection of clinical research data, intelligent lead of clinical central operation, polycentric real-time online collaboration, reduction of research data error rate and the clinical research cost, improvement of clinical research practice efficiency and clinical research project quality level. Meanwhile, it integrates relevant clinical trial service in full process of the trial to genuinely fulfill an integrate delivery covering research plan and high-quality clinical research results.

Our service:

111.png   CRC service

111.png   PK blood sample collection

111.png   Project management

111.png   Data management

111.png   Subject recruitment

111.png   System operation and maintenance