Team Introduction

  • Bei Lin

  • Weimin Yang

  • Haixiong Han

    Head of Medicine
  • Yaling Wu

    Medical Director
  • Yanqin Cai

    Clinical Supervision Director
  • Junwei Zhao

    Project Management Director
  • Zhang Tian

    Data Management Director
  • Ming Zhong

    System Development Director
  • Bangjie Zhu

    Deputy director of bioanalytical services
  • Yiling Zhang

    General Manager of SMO
  • Wanxia Hong

    the general manager of ClinEilte

Expert Consultant

  • Xiaoru Sun

    The specially engage consultant of GCP
  • Jianwei Wu

    The chief imaging science consultant on Union Image

Team Introduction


Unionlab' team is distributed in more than 10 cities in the country covering domestic clinical trial center, provides clinical service with quickly responding, high quality and efficiency.

Most members in Unionlab possessed project experience for over 5 years. More than 90% of them have bachelor degrees or above. More than 30% of them graduate from 985/211 schools.

The core team of Unionlab handles carious specialty including medicine, operation, radiography and information. It provides reliable support in integrated delivery.