Clinical Operation

Clinical Operation

Clinical operation


The clinical operation team, whose members are mainly medical undergraduates or above education background, and distributed in more than 10 cities with active clinical trials in China, and they can support rapid response and efficient promotion across the country. The clinical operation team will follow up the implementation of the project with reference to the protocol and project management plan, these tasks including but not limited to feasibility study, screening of clinical trial research center, project preparation and submission, ethical submission and review, application and filing of HGRAC, communication and signing of clinical research center agreement, start-up of research center, routine monitoring, research drug management, SAE report management, document management, research center quality control and audit, data cleaning, clinical research center closure, research expense settlement, etc.

Our services:

111.png   Project management

111.png   Research Center screening and start-up

111.png   Subject recruitment

111.png   Clinical monitoring

111.png   TMF document management