Shanghai Unionlab Co., Ltd (Unionlab) was founded in 2017. The headquartered based on Shanghai. Unionlab focuses on innovative oncology drug. We deliver an integrated service from the strategy to implementation, including Strategy Consultation, Medical Affairs, Clinical Study Operation, Third-party Independent Imaging Review, a Central Laboratory, Data Management, Bioanalysis, FSP and other service. Unionlab's mission is to provide an efficient clinical research service through the use of information-based, smart technology to satisfy the requirements of the clinical development of new drugs, rapid trial and error, dynamic decision-making, high quality, and low cost. Unionlab’s team member over 500. The Unionlab team has responsible for over dozens of clinical trial of innovation drugs, including Antibody, ADCs, micromolecule Targeted Therapies, and others.

Yaoyan Intelligent is the subsidiary company of Unionlab. Yaoyan Intelligent is a digitized, embedded SMO. Yaoyan Intelligent has independently developed a multicenter collaborative smart clinical research system (eDISC) and has helped clinical research centers increase their operation efficiency through AI, big data, and e-Cloud technology. eDISC is operating online in many centers from so far, and it is planned to be deliver it to 30+ hospitals and operating on networks in 2022. Through the layout of the system, we have gradually brought about the digital, smart, platform-based operation in the phase I expansion period of new drug and key clinical studies period. That make truly the faster, better and manageable costs in transform of new drug clinical trial.

Where did Unionlab originate from?


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Company Career


  • 2017

    Unionlab was established,provided medical affairs and clinical operation services

    Completed bioanalysis laboratory,developed the IRC service

  • 2018

    Developed data management and stats business

    Signed the first IRC service project

    Developed eDISC system

    Signed the first CRO phase III service project

  • 2019

    eDISC system is delivered in the first center to carry out SMO service

  • 2020

    Developed FSP service

    Complete the round A financing of more than 100 million

    Acquisition of START

    Completed system delivery of multiple centers

  • 2021

    Complete the round A+ financing of more than 100 million
    Establish Phase I clinical alliance

    Established Clinical Pharmacology Excellence Center with The first affiliated hospital of bengbu medical college

  • 2022

    Cooperate with NMCID

    Improve the professional ability of the digital statistics team with the help of Nanjing Medical University

Clinical Expert Resources

Unionlab make the very solid cooperation with over 10 domestic core PI in oncology, including liver cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, head and neck cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, lung cancer, hematological tumor and others.

IRC specialist team

Unionlab has established a team of over 50 senior image review specialists from hospitals specializing in grade 3A cancer. They have a rich experience in reviewing images from new drug clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies with domestic and MNC. The team members have all been able to undergo serial induction training and pre-enrolment directed training. 

Clinical Research Centers

The smart clinical trial system has been delivered to numerous centers and has been operation.

Unionlab has been make the cooperation with 260 investigators and cover 200 clinical research centers, distribute 54 cities in China.

There are 11 hospitals in the US that we have been built the cooperation.