Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs


The medical team of Unionlab consists of master degrees or above. There are 7 doctoral degrees among them with the background of clinical and new medicine research. It’s committed to provide professional and high quality medical affair service for clients.

The project team possesses more than 40 registration of registration clinical research on first category new drug, including Pre-IND and stage I, II and III clinical projects. Most of them are targeted drugs, and macromolecular antibodies and small molecule inhibitors, cell therapy and tumor vaccines are included.Involved in drug targets including EGFR, VEGFR, HER2, PD-1, c-MET, PARP, ERK, MEK, CLAUDIN, PI3K, mTOR, etc.

The clinIQ and clinBEST platform developed independently by Unionlab obtains accurate current drug market information and similar product launch approach, analyzes current treatment plan, removes information barrier, improves the transparency of medical strategy, strategic science and success rate.

Our service:

111.png   TPP consultation

111.png   CDP design

111.png   Clinical protocol writing

111.png   Medical support for clinical trial process

111.png   Medical monitoring